Festive Blues

And then the hobbit lost her grip and fell on her bum.

Dresses are perhaps not the best choice for pony riding, especially if you refuse to ride side-saddle. But if you insist on wearing them in the name of festive fashion, be prepared for some uncomfortableness.

For this minstrel and pony, it is a festival all year round, and sometimes all night long.

Here is a good way to ensure you need a change of clothes.

Hat: Balladeer’s Hat, Moria barter, sea blue dye
Shoulders: Shoulders of the Might Verse, Moria barter, sea blue dye
Chest: Gossamer dress, skirm barter
Cloak: Cloak of the Dove, Store, sea blue
Pony: The Anniversary Mount was earnable at the festivals for the 4th and 5th LOTRO anniversaries. If you missed it, it will probably be available as a store mount next anniversary festival, if Turbine’s current trend of putting old festival mounts in the store holds.


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