Exploring Great River

I had planned to update once a week, but last week was a bit of a doozy–my computer was broken and it took most of last weekend to fix it, alas. Fortunately it was an easy and inexpensive fix once we figured out what was wrong.

So far I am enjoying cosmetic blogging, but the most difficult part has been figuring out what to write. I like making pretty pictures and pretty outfits but making captions is not so easy. This is one of my favorite outfits, modified a little to fit the Rivendell horse. It is not perhaps the most original of outfits (I’ve seen plenty of people using the same chest piece and cloak) but I like it nonetheless. Usually I have it dyed all white or grey.

I only recently acquired the Rivendell horse, although I’ve had the rep on several characters for a while now. I spent most of my gold in the past week on reputation horses, because I am in the process of transferring servers, and one of the things you can’t take with you is your gold. What better excuse for a pony shopping spree? Now my captain alone has 18 mounts, and several other toons aren’t far behind!

Head: Lesser Hat of Dundaith (gold dye)
Shoulders: Malledhrim Pauldrons of the Awakened (gold dye)
Cloak: Elf-Lord’s Cloak (grey dye)
Chest: Ancient Inlaid Breastplate (gold dye)
Gloves: Extravagant Festival Gloves (grey dye)
Boots: Ulferth’s Battered Boots (grey dye)

Bonus! I participated in Sons of Numenor‘s Ride of the Free Peoples today. Very enjoyable! Click on the thumbnails for full size shots. 🙂


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