Master of the Wild

This outfit marks a few firsts for me: first use of a cosmetic weapon, first use of ranger green dye (which I normally detest), and first time in this blog that I did not really make the outfit for a horse (although I did find a horse that sort of matches). I made this outfit to match a cloak from the new Farmer’s Faire. And as I write that, I realize that I did not take any screenshots from behind to show off the cloak. Good grief, did I really forget to do that, when the whole point was the cloak? I’m feeling pretty silly. Am I going to log back in and go through the rigamarole of scooting my butt out to Enedwaith and waiting for daylight and taking 15 screenshots and picking one out? I’ll decide by the end of this post.

Anyway, I made this outfit to match the wonderful Hooded Leather Cloak from the Farmer’s Faire. I thought the both rough and elegant features of the cloak went nicely with the Short Elven Robe (available during the Anniversary Event from giftboxes). The robe is undyeable aside from a little bit in the front, so one is pretty stuck with ranger green and tan if one uses it. The gloves are from the warden’s Rift set and take dye nicely. The shoulders were a surprise find for me, and something I’d probably never ever think of using if it weren’t for this ranger green and tan outfit; they are from the hunter’s Moria set.

Although I can easily see my lore-master entering Rohan in this outfit, she might want to avoid riding in on a Dunlending horse…

The pet here is the Deep-woods Sabrecat, a skin available from the store. I took advantage of the class skills sale a couple weeks ago to pick up the Mountain Lynx and Striped Sabrecat in addition to this cat. I love a new pet as much as I love a new horse!

I got lucky: It was sunset when I logged in.

I am very pleased with the cosmetics from the Farmer’s Faire: this cloak and the boots are very versatile, and the rest of the cosmetics are solid additions to any wardrobe.Β  More diligent LOTRO journalists than I have documented all that is available to do and earn, so I won’t really get into that. I will say that the best way to farm tokens for me has been the mushroom field. I stick to the edges of the field and I am usually victorious. Eggs are a different story, however..

Shoulders: Ceremonial Pathfinder’s Shoulders, ranger green
Cloak: Hooded Leather Cloak, ranger green
Chest: Short Elven Robe, default
Hands: Ceremonial Town-Savers Gloves, ranger green
Boots: Gardening Boots, default
Mount: Prized Dunlending Horse
Pet: Deep-Woods Sabrecat
Weapon: Feeble Staff of the Eternal Sun



8 thoughts on “Master of the Wild

  1. I came across your blog just today and the outfits here are really amazing! this one uses one of the robes I hate the most, but made it look astonishing and matching with the rest – perfect!!

  2. I still have yet to obtain this robe. I love it and think it is unique and could work well in so many outfits. I love how you turned it into a Loremaster outfit. You matched it so well with her Deep-Woods Sabercat companion and the Dunlending Steed. Great job!

  3. I love this outfit, but I haven’t been able to find that robe at all. Not to buy, not to borrow, nothing. Depressing! Gorgeous with that cat.

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