The Wayward Easterling Steed (Limlight Gorge Rep) is such an unusual horse! I thought the tack was very eclectic, so I constructed an equally eclectic outfit. I don’t quite think I nailed it, but I’m still pleased with the result. I am jealous of the Easterling outfits–I wish they dropped their cosmetics when defeated instead of just trash! Ah well. This outfit isn’t inspired by the Easterling outfits–just their horse.

Gold, brown, and an orangey red are the colors on the horse, so those are the colors I focused on here. The orange-red part of the tack is hard to see (it’s on the horse’s butt), so I might have gone a little overboard with the orange. I knew right away that I wanted to use the Shoulders of Deep Lore and the Quillmasters Trousers (both are available for Moria tokens under various names, or cosmetically at skirm camps.) I felt the trousers matched the brown and gold saddle portion, and the shoulders matched the orange. I didn’t know what to dye the shoulders at that point, so I left that until the end. The Ceremonial Doom-Hunter’s Helm (part of the cosmetic Rift set, I believe) paired with the trousers nicely. From there I struggling: I considered using the Wrap of the Turning Leaves (from the last fall festival), and I still think that could have worked, but I went with the Cloak of the Fallen Leaves (LOTRO store).

I ended up using the Gauntlets of the Hidden Paths (Great River quest reward) for their leaflike shape and the Ceremonial Dragon-scale Boots (skirm cosmetic vendor) for more orange. I dyed the shoulders violet because of the boots, to match their undyeable grey-purple bottoms. The Ceremonial Ajokoira Armour (skirm cosmetic vendor) is the part I am least happy about; I like the red accent on it but the rest doesn’t quite fit. I may change it in the future, but I consider myself stumped for now.

So, that is my outfit for a lovely stroll through Rivendell in the fall on a stolen enemy horse. I wish it really were fall here; the heat is unbearable.
Head: Ceremonial Doom-Hunter’s Helm, orange
Shoulders: Shoulders of Deep Lore, violet
Cloak: Cloak of the Fallen Leaves, orange
Chest: Ceremonial Ajokoira Armour, Sienna
Gloves: Gauntlets of the Hidden Paths, orange
Legs: Quillmasters Trousers, default
Boots: Ceremonial Dragon-Scale boots, default
Mount: Wayward Easterling Horse


4 thoughts on “Motley

  1. Those shoulders are definitely hard to work with…I love what you’ve done with them and how well the ensemble work with the mount! Now I need to grind those tokens to get that Easterling steed myself 😀

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