Red Dawn

Well, I have put myself in a bit of a pickle. Half of my “main” characters (I have four) are transferred to my new server, and half are still on the old server. What this means for me cosmetically is that roughly 2/3s of my clothes are on one server, and 1/3 left on the old. I intended to make another Rohan outfit this week to match the Esteldin mount, but it can be frustrating to try to make something new when the ideas involve some costly item a server away, so I will leave that for when my main four are reunited within a couple of weeks.

This outfit is one of my oldest surviving outfits, made just after Isengard was released. It was part of my “RAINBOW OF ELYS” project. Every character wore a different color of the rainbow, and I kept them like that for months. This was Red Ely, obviously, though she originally looked like this. Some of my characters I still dress predominately in their designated color; my captain is still usually in red, my minstrel still usually in sky blue. The hunter drew the short straw and got orange, and boy was it ugly. And I cheated on yellow and used gold instead for my champion.

The mount Red Ely is riding is the Eriador horse, earned by attaining kindred with just about every faction in Eriador. That means you need to cozy up to these people:

Council of the North (Angmar)
Men of Bree
The Grey Company (Enedwaith & beyond)
Thorin’s Hall
The Wardens of Annuminas (Evendim)
The Lossoth of Forochel
The Eglain (Lonelands)
Rangers of Esteldin (North Downs)
The Mathom Society (Shire)
Elves of Rivendell
Algraig, Men of Enedwaith

Once you’re the most popular hero in all the land, you get this handsome, 168% speed horse. The most tedious faction to earn was the Algraig and Grey Company, in my opinion. There are no rep items, so you can’t buy the rep on the auction house (my favorite option) or massacre enemies for it. No, you’re stuck with daily quests. Yuck.

The headpiece (which I otherwise love) clips horribly, especially when she moves. I love its soft gold parts, and I love the soft gold in the cloak; I wish the hauberk shared that soft gold. Looking back on this outfit, there’s a bit I’d do differently today. I used those gloves and boots whenever I couldn’t think of anything else. I didn’t use any shoulders and it probably could use some. I might have gone back to the original hauberk for its soft gold.

Next week, if my server situation is still wonky, I might share my oldest surviving outfit of all! Oh boy oh boy!!

Head: Song-Caller’s hat, crimson (Moria, barter)
Cloak: Cloak of the Mallorn, crimson (LOTRO Store)
Chest:Ā  Hauberk of the Mirrormere, crimson (LOTRO Store)
Gloves: Scorched Ox-Hide Gauntlets, crimson (Dunland, quest)
Boots: Nightshade Boots, crimson (Dunland, quest)
Mount: Eriador Horse


4 thoughts on “Red Dawn

  1. I remember this outfit from the Yule Fashion Contest!! It was one of my favorites and it works great in red too!!
    I hope your server transfer runs without incidents and you will soon have all your items again. I guess you have to repurchase the wardrobe again though? And isn’t it true that you loose all items in your barter wallet, like medallions?
    Love all your horse outfits, and eager to see what Rohan will bring about on your blog!

    • Ooh yes, that was me! It was an honor to place in y’all’s contest!

      As for the transfers and what you lose–no, you do not lose the wardrobe slots or shared storage slots. Those will be open to you on every server. You do lose any items in the wardrobe or shared storage (they remain on the old server). As for the barter wallet, you lose everything that is bind to account–so, skirm marks, medallions, and seals, shards, medallions of moria, northmen, etc. You keep anything in it bound to character, like gold, festival tokens, rep barter items like the loth silver branches, etc. It’s a bummer leaving some of that behind, but I converted all of my skirm marks into cosmetic items, rep items, and rep acceleration tomes, and I used up all my medallions of the northmen to buy my favorite OD items. So not a total loss. šŸ™‚

      I am super excited for Rohan and the cosmetic opportunities for horses!! Oooh it can’t come soon enough!

  2. As usual, another wonderful horse and outfit combination šŸ™‚ I’ve used the same hauberk and cloak combination on my extra champion and I love it! Never quite knew what to do with that Song-Caller’s Hat either, but it’s such an amazing match here. The crimson base works well with all those shades of gold.

    Good luck on your new server, Ely…I don’t see you much in-game, but I’ll miss seeing you running around with this outfit

    And I may also be showing my oldest cosmetic venture on my blog in the upcoming weeks. Funny how this has turned into such an ejoyable hobby for all of us šŸ˜€

    • Thank you, Nath! I will miss you too, as well as many others. If you’re ever feeling like a community event, come visit me on Landy–the level of community here is absolutely incredible! It’s like night and day compared to Gladden. Yesterday I participated in a horse race (and lost, horribly, hahaha), and a horse fashion contest, (and I won!! :O), and on Saturday there’s a chicken event, and and and.. well, there’s something going on every week and I’m like a country bumpkin dazzled by the big city.

      Anyway, I’ll def keep in touch, on here and elsewhere. šŸ˜€

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