Summer Days

Hoorah, the summer festival is here! I noticed during the Farmer’s Faire that some came to this blog looking for ideas to match the Farmer’s Faire steed. The Farmer’s steed did not particularly inspire me.. but the Summerdays horse certainly does! I am always a festival lover. Although.. well, the Summer/Lithe fest could use a facelift, in my opinion, especially coming on the heels of the Farmer’s Faire, which had quite a bit to do. But I have no complaints about the mount or cosmetics this year; they are beautiful! Very elvish! So I thought it appropriate to put an elf in Lothlorien clothing in the saddle. The tunic here is available from a barterer in Cerin Amroth in Lothlorien. If you have not made it that far, but have made it to Rivendell, there’s another suitable tunic available from a reputation vendor. Must have Rivendell friend standing. That tunic has some burgundy accents, which is why I went with the Lothlorien tunic. Tunics unfortunately block the use of custom shoes or gloves, but in this case I felt a tunic well worth it.


Summer fest tokens are pretty hard to farm. Fishing can give you 5-10 tokens in 10 minutes, but that can only be done once a day. The best way to get lots of tokens is probably the Inn League (or Ale Association). I follow this guide for the Inn League.

A guide to the Summer festival is available from Casual Stroll to Mordor, and previews of the cosmetics are available at Cosmetic LOTRO and Material Middle Earth. Have a happy festival!

Head: Simbelmyne Circlet, gold (spring festival 2012)
Shoulders: Wynmar’s End, rust (quest, Great River)
Chest: Long-sleeved Lorien Tunic and Trousers, umber (Lothlorien, barter)
Cloak: Reveller’s Gilded Cloak, turquoise (LOTRO store, seasonal)
Mount: Summerdays Horse (Summer festival 2012)


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