Far From Home

The Lossoth (“snow-horde” loss – snow, hoth – horde, crowd)  were a remnant of the Forodwaith (“north-men,” forod – north, gwaith – men, people). Their name implies to me that they were a faded civilization compared to their predecessors, which is in keeping with the retrogression of other peoples–the fading of the elves, the diminished lifespans of men. Their territory once stretched across the Northern Waste, but is now much smaller. The details on them are very scarce; they gave aid to King Arvedui, the last king of Arnor, whose ghost we visit in the Volume I epic, and.. that’s about it.

Despite the sparse information, or perhaps because of it, LOTRO’s Lossoth have some of the more unique designs in the game. Most of the time their ice-and-fur buildings are unfortunately clouded by fog (the same fog that rather famously will follow you around), but sometimes it is a nice, clear day.

My captain here is not one of the Lossoth: she is from Gondor, so she is quite a long ways from home! I have clothed her warmly in a mix of pieces from Ost Dunhoth and Forochel. The original robe for this outfit was the Great Hoary Aurochs Robe–I had all my screenshots taken and ready for sorting and editing, and then I saw an OD raid advertising. Within two or three hours, I had over 200 Medallions of the Northmen, a helm token, and a glove token, which was like winning a cosmetic lottery. I happily swapped the Aurochs Robe for this Lesser Memory of the West robe–even if it meant redoing hundreds of screenshots! The Aurochs Robe has a rather unfortunately low neckline for a robe that’s supposed to keep you warm!


The LOTRO community is lit up with a slew of Turbine-sponsored community events! Here’s a few horse or cosmetic related ones:

In less than 24 hours, the Shadowfax Sprint and talent show, hosted by Kiralynn of the Windy Acres Ranch! The event takes place at Wednesday, September 12 at 9:30pm ST at the Methel-stage near Bywater on the Landroval server. Come race! Come show talent! Come early–spots are limited and prizes are huge! Middle-Earth Network is down right now or else I’d link directly to the prizes and instructions! Argh!

Cosmetic LOTRO and the Starry Mantle are hosting an NPC Look-a-Like contest. Click here or here for details. Prizes are legendary! I’ve been working on my entries, and I must say, this is more difficult than I expected. I look forward to seeing the creativity!

Shoulders: Lesser Arrow of the West Shoulder Guards, rust (OD)
Cloak: Ceremonial Cloak of Mammutti, undyeable (Lossoth rep vendor)
Chest: Lesser Memory of the West Robe, rust (OD)
Gloves: Extravagant Festival Gloves, rust (Winter festival)
Boots: Nightshade Boots, white (Dunland quest reward)


One thought on “Far From Home

  1. Great post and outfit, Ely! I love how the earthen colors and textures on both your ensemble and mount match wonderfully with each other 🙂 I was just working on an outfit using those robe and shoulders, as well as the patterned Lossoth rep harp for a concert-like outfit. Nobody does OD on Gladden, so I find myself grinding the weekly quest for 20 medallions on a few toons.Congrats on those hard-earned cosmetics!

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