Autumn’s Breath

O wild West Wind, thou breath of Autumn’s being,
Thou, from whose unseen presence the leaves dead
Are driven, like ghosts from an enchanter fleeing,

Yellow, and black, and pale, and hectic red,
Pestilence-stricken multitudes: O thou,
Who chariotest to their dark wintry bed

Ode to the West Wind, Percy Bysshe Shelley

Well, it is certainly looking a lot like autumn in LOTRO. I wish it were looking like autumn at home, but we get two seasons–Boiling and Fog–and it is still Boiling, unfortunately. I missed last week’s post because of this goat. Getting 2000+ tokens to get the goat on two characters unfortunately took up way too much of my LOTRO time. If it wasn’t the most magnificent goat to ever bleat, I quite possibly would have skipped it at that price. The only other goat that comes close to being this great is the Ale Association’s goat. It has multiple kegs, but no stein on a stick and pretzel designs. There is a horse or pony version of this available for the Fall Festival, but it has no stein on a stick and the fur color is pale.

My design here takes a little bit of inspiration from Dionysus and his maenads–the Greek god of wine and madness and his drunken female followers.Β  The Harvest-Brew Circlet, fresh from the Harvestfest, reminded me of them.

I could only get so close to looking like a maenad. Most depictions of them have them a bit unclothed, which isn’t exactly feasible in LOTRO, so I’m going to have to settle for something harvest-themed and throwing a tantrum in a wine tub.

Head: Harvest-Brew Circlet, undyeable (Fall Festival 2012)
Shoulders: Lesser Arrow of the West Shoulder Guards, rust (OD)
Cloak: Cloak of the Sunset Wood, rust (LOTRO Store)
Chest: Farmer’s Fancy Dress, white (Farmer’s Faire)
Mount: Harvest-Brew Goat (Treasure Hunt, 1000 tokens)

Casual Stroll to Mordor is having their annual Fellowship Walk, which is part of the Child’s Play charity, an organization providing hospitalized children toys and games. Go, look at the auctions–there’s some fun ones–and donate for baby hobbits!

Horse lovers! Windy Acres Ranch‘s next event is coming up on October 13th on Landroval!

The Haunted Derby
Date: Saturday, October 13 at 1:00pm ST
Place: The party tent in Buckland.

* Costume Contest – The theme of the show is Halloween costumes. This is not a mounted contest; participants will be walking across the stage. Bring roleplay items and perform emotes to highlight your costume.
* Horse Race – A race through the Old Forest and Barrow-downs. Fast (+68%) horses and ponies will be allowed.
* Prizes – To be determined… Turbine Points, Perlino mounts, gold and more!

These events are a total blast, hope to see you there!

(dance goat, dance!)


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