Petition: Lower the cost of warsteed colors

Rohan is here! And it’s great, and wonderful, and fun, and I’m having a blast. The landscape is beautiful, the story is engaging (for the first time, I actually care about Turbine-made characters), the music is moving, and mounted combat is exhilarating.

There’s been some hiccups, some serious bugs (my game crashes several times an hour, several of my kinmates can’t even get into the game still), but overall, I love Riders of Rohan.

However, there’s one thing that’s really.. disappointing.

See, in beta I knew that the warsteed colors would be in the store, but we didn’t know how much. I was worried, and said as much, but I reserved final judgment for when the price was known. It’s known now. It’s 595 per pack, for four colors, and there’s 10 packs if my memory serves me (6 warsteed color packs, 4 tack color packs). That means, if you’re like me and you want flexibility in customizing your warsteed, you’d be out 5950 TP, which is nearly $60 worth of TP. But wait! There’s more! The packs are per character! That means, if you’re like me and have, say, 4 characters running around Rohan, you’d have to shell out 23800 TP to be able to use all the colors on those alts.

What a punch in the gut to an altoholic like me! I believe that’s about as much TP as I’ve ever spent in two years of playing! To go from the wonderfully flexible regular cosmetic system, with the variety of dyes available from scholars, to this–well. It’s just a bit disappointing.

What especially sticks in my craw is that, when I bought the expansion, I was under the impression that I’d be able to customize my warsteed. That’s what I thought I was paying for. Instead, I guess I paid for a plain grey steed and the privilege of paying more to customize him.

What could make this more palatable?

  • Make the colors accountwide.
  • Lower the cost.
  • Break the color packs up into individual colors.
  • Or, make the system more like the regular cosmetic system–let scholars make warsteed dyes!

So! If you, too, think the price of warsteed colors needs to be lowered, there’s a petition on the forums. Please sign!


3 thoughts on “Petition: Lower the cost of warsteed colors

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