Wild, Wild Wold

I have finally put together a warsteed outfit I can be proud of. It’s inspired by the spotted steed hide, which I won off a warband a few days ago! I think warbands are one of my favorite parts of Rohan. I love rushing to Bugud at reset to take him down along with 20 other random people. It’s so chaotic! It took me many warbands to find the spotted hide for my steed. I suspect the orcs and trolls and such knew how badly I wanted it, and hid it from me. They gave me two of their heads on a pike before I got the hide. Silly orcs.

That said, I do wish warbands dropped a few more valuable rewards. The only two cosmetic drops, as far as I know, are the spotted hide, and the orc head on a pike. The other valuable rewards are the new 2nd age symbol, the battered ring (tradable for a nice ring at the reputation barterers–you need Kindred with the Sutcrofts to get the best one), and some relics. Warbands would have been a great place for more cosmetic rewards. Ah well.

The hat’s jaunty feather makes me feel like a hobbit general! It is from the LOTRO Store; there’s a 50% off sale on cosmetics and wardrobe space going on through Thursday, so I picked up a couple pieces I’ve had my eye on. The chest and pants are from the minstrel OD set (I had a nice stockpile of Medallions of the Northmen, which I depleted to get those two pieces). The cloak is new with Rohan, craftable by an Eastermet tailor; I liked how it matched the grey and white hide of my warsteed.

I made some changes to this blog’s layout, so that I could fit in larger pictures; I did not like the picture size limit in the previous theme. I’ve also added a Style category to the menu, an addition long overdue to make outfits easier to find!

Aurochs are hilarious.

Head: Feathered Felt Hat, default (LOTRO Store)
Back: Willful Cloak of the Mark, default (Tailor tier 8)
Chest: Lesser Voice of the West Robe, umber (OD barter)
Hands: Fingerless Gloves, default (Winter festival)
Legs: Lesser Voice of the West Trousers, umber (OD barter)

Steed: Light Steed
Hide: Spotted
Hide color: Grey
Saddle: Light Saddle of the Entwash
Legs: Light Leggings of the Norcrofts, rust


4 thoughts on “Wild, Wild Wold

  1. Lovely use of that hat! Truly I never see it around and I don’t have it myself either because I failed to see a good use for it, but it really suits your hobbit lass! Nice colors as well πŸ™‚

    • Thanks! I saw that hat put to good use a few weeks ago–an elf male wearing it in sea blue along with pieces from the medium crafted Mirkwood set, also dyed sea blue. The bronzes and the blue really went well together, and I’ve been considering making something similar ever since–but I ended up with this instead. πŸ˜€

  2. Beautiful screenshots! I love the warm colours of her outfit against the background of the Wold, and the simplicity of the steed. I’ve always been a bit stumped by that hat, but it looks really cute and fitting here. πŸ™‚

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