Silver Bell, Silver Birch

My first post-Rohan post was supposed to be a warsteed outfit, of course, but after earning just about every warsteed cosmetic that comes with the expansion, I’ve yet to come up with something I truly like. I have reached 85, done every quest–I think–and there are perhaps 2-4 options per equipment slot that aren’t from the Store. Sadly, I suspect this aspect of LOTRO will be too costly for me without some deep sales. I am a girl on a budget, after all. I won’t harp on this further, but if you’re just tuning in to the warsteed color controversy, there’s a petition on the forums to  lower the cost.

But! I still have my stable of regular horses!

I acquired this horse by accident quite some time ago. I wanted to get the dark Malledhrim steed for my little burglar, and ground out the reputation and tokens to do so, only to accidentally click on the wrong horse! Tired of grinding tokens at that point, I gave up on getting the dark horse for her. Perhaps someday I will acquire it.

The silly hat my burglar is wearing is available from the “classic” skirmish vendor, under the Heavy Annuminas set. There are two versions–this one is dyeable, and the other is purple and undyeable. The shoulders I recently acquired from the Mirkwood burglar class barterer. They share their appearance with the burglar shoulders from Dar Narbugud; you can acquire several pieces that have the same appearance of the DN pieces with Medallions of Dol Guldur at your class barterer in Mirkwood.

This Malledhrim steed also inspired an outfit for my first and only male elf. He is a lowly level 7, so he will probably not be seeing Mirkwood any time soon, much less a fancy horse. He is also wearing a couple Dar Narbugud pieces–the loremaster hood and shoulders, in this case.

Head: Helm of the West-Tower, grey (skirm barter)
Shoulders: Dungeon-Crawler’s Shoulders, grey (DN/Mirkwood barter)
Chest: Elegant Dress, grey (skirm barter)
Back: Cloak of the Rescuer, grey (quest, Great River)

Head: Hat of the Learned Master, grey (DN/Mirkwood barter)
Shoulders: Shoulders of the Learned Master, default (DN/Mirkwood barter)
Back: Cloak of the Mallorn, grey (LOTRO Store)
Chest: Frostbluff Robe of Thanks, grey (Winter festival)
Gloves: Extravagant Festival Gloves, grey (Winter festival)
Feet: Gardening Boots, grey (Farmer’s Faire)

Mount: Prized Malledhrim Pony


5 thoughts on “Silver Bell, Silver Birch

  1. I love the Hobbit outfit that matches the Prized Malledhrim Steed, especially the blend of silvery-greys and golds. I also like the fact that you also offer alternative ideas for the same steed. Great way to make outfitting more accessible to those that don’t have one of the classes 🙂

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