Haunted Derby & Rippling Manes and Tailfeathers

This weekend there are two wonderful horse-related events going on!

The first is a race and costume contest hosted by Kiralynn of Windy Acres Ranch on the Landroval server.

The Haunted Derby – Landroval
Date: Saturday, October 13 at 1:00pm ST
Place: The party tent at the Buckland Faire.

* Costume Contest – The theme of the contest is Halloween costumes. This is not a mounted contest; participants will be walking across the stage. Bring roleplay items and perform emotes to highlight your costume. The audience votes for the winners!

* Horse Race – A challenging, perilous race through the Old Forest and Barrow-downs. Fast (+68%) horses and ponies will be allowed.
* First Place – 750 Turbine Points and an account-wide Perlino steed.
* Second Place – 4 gold + Perlino
* Third Place – 2 gold + Perlino

The second is on my old home server of Gladden: Rippling Manes and Tailfeathers, hosted by Lilyrose of the Rangers of the West.
Rippling Manes and Tailfeathers — Gladden
Date: Sunday, October 14th, at 3:00 pm ST
Place: Bree West Gate

We will charge from Bree West Gate to the Methel Stage in the Shire, and afterwards hold a cosmetic contest. Nathrien of Material Middle-Earth and I have the honor of being your judges! Here’s some more info from the forums:

Our judges will be looking for winners in the following categories:

  1. Best use of color and integration
  2. Rohan Style-best coordination between rider and mount.

In addition, we will be having on audience judged category-Crowd Pleaser. So be sure to practice your moves, and bring your posse along.

Prizes for the judged categories are as follows (Courtesy of Nathrien, we have enriched the prize packages. Thank you, Nathrien!):

3rd place, 2 gold, 1 dye of choice (stack of 3) and 5 level appropriate hope tokens.
2nd place 3 gold, and 2 dyes of choice (stack of 3), and 5 level appropriate hope tokens.
1st place 4 gold, and 3 dyes of choice (stack of 3) and 5 level appropriate hope tokens.

Contact Lilyrose of Gladden on the LOTRO forums or in-game to pre-register or volunteer to help out.


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